About Us

Rachel Pattison

Rachel started to build puppets at the age of eighteen in Bathurst, Australia and has since then been working with a wide range of puppetry forms. She studied puppetry in Berlin at the "Ernst Busch School of Puppetry" and in 2019 started up Flying Fox Theater together with Richard Krutzsch. Originally from Australia and various other parts of the southern hemisphere, she likes to combine the very visual and poetic style of theatre from her home county(ies) with the European culture of story-telling and spoken theatre.

Visit Moving Things to find more of Rachel's puppetry work.

Richard Krutzsch

Richard Krutzsch, winner of the Berlin Ikarus Prize for outstanding young theatre, works as a puppeteer, actor and director of youth theatre. He completed his studies at the Michael Tschechow School for Acting in Berlin. Since then he has worked for various ensembles including Berliner Ensemble und Theater des Westens. When he is not performing himself, he is working with young actors and teenagers in different youth theatre projects throughout Germany.

Jeanette Hubert

Jeanette has been working as a sound and lighting freelancer since 2002. She also works with teenagers and young adults with a special focus on music. She studied Music Pedagogy at the Fachhochschule Clara Hoffbauer Potsdam. Jeanette has made a name for herself as a singer/songwriter in Berlin and farther afield. She performs live music for various theatre shows in Berlin and Brandenburg.