A moving story about a boy and his dog

PK would like to tell you a story. The story of his dog PomPom.

With the help of his neighbours, Mr J, an illustrator and Sonja, a musician, and his slightly clumsy Dad, he invites us into the garden of number 15 Second Street.

On his 8th birthday his dad gives him the best present ever. A dog! PK and his dad call her PomPom. From this moment PK and Pompom are inseparable. One day, while PK is at school Pompom escapes and is run over by a car.

PK is not at all able to accept the loss of his best friend. His sadness manifests itself into nightly visits from PomPom. Every night they run and play in the garden together as always.  His dad is worried, but unable to find the right words. We follow PK and PomPom’s journey until PK is finally able to say good-bye.

The puppets have been specially developed for the play with emphasis on maximum agility and physical expression. The Live-Illustrations over projections are the result of months of technical and aesthetic research. The dialogs are easy to follow, the cast and crew are international and diverse.

PomPom hinterm Baum

Despite “PomPom” being a play that deals with loss and grief it is playful and light-hearted. The puppetry is energetic and emotional, the music infectious and heart-felt. Jonathan Bachmann’s illustrations lead us through this wonderful and poetic story of a year in the life of a boy and his dog.  We are proud to present this edgy new work with a particularly visual approach to story-telling. We would like to thank the Berliner Senat for helping make this innovative piece of theater possible.

Production Team

Rachel Pattison, Richard KrutzschMarcela Dias

Music: Jeanette Hubert

Live-Illustration: Jonathan Bachmann

Concept and Directing: Nora Raetsch | Rachel Pattison

Choreographie: Timo Radünz

Puppets: Rachel Pattison

Set Design: Richard Krutzsch

Costume: Marion Casuane | Ruth Veron

Lighting Design: Moritz Mayer

Graphik Design: Jonathan Bachmann

Assistent: Mariana Damianidou

Production Management: Anja Scollin

In Co-Operation with Platypus Theater, Berlin

September 2021

29Sept11:00PomPomEine bewegende Geschichte über einen Jungen und seinen Hund

November 2021

11Nov11:00PomPomEine bewegende Geschichte über einen Jungen und seinen Hund

24Nov11:00PomPomEine bewegende Geschichte über einen Jungen und seinen Hund