Shine Moon, shine!

A show for children with live music

based on Theodor Storm’s The little Havermann


Shine Moon, Shine!

A warm summer evening, the covers are too hot, and there… a mosquito! It’s not even really nighttime yet. Who wants to go to bed anyway? Not little Haverman.  Another story please, a song and, most importantly, a jaunt round the room with the bed. Up the walls, over the ceiling and down the other side. What’? You don’t ride round the room on your bed? But Haverman does. Together with dear old Moon, he goes on a journey of discovery through the town, the forest and finally up into the starry sky.

A magical theater experience about a spritely nighttime journey. With gentle and fun live music, enchanting pictures and a cheeky little Haverman who just doesn’t want to go to bed.

Production Team

Rachel PattisonRichard Krutzsch

Jeanette Hubert

Nora Raetsch

Puppet Making:
Rachel Pattison

Moritz Meyer
Benjamin D.

Graphic Design:
Markus Schabbing

Opening Night:
01.03.2020, BKA Theater, Berlin

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