Hydbrid Streaming

The Flying Fox Theatre offers all plays as a hybrid streaming solution. Whether with the family at home or as a class group at school, we prepare a theatre experience for you that makes you believe you are sitting on stage with the actors.

And best of all: afterwards you can ask the puppeteers and actors your questions and talk to them.

Procedure and technical requirements

When you book a play, you have the choice between full stream and hybrid stream, depending on your location. All you need is an internet connection and a projector or monitor if required.

With the full stream, the performers give a live introduction and watch the play “together” with you as a professional recording. Afterwards you have the opportunity to talk to the actors about what you have seen.

If desired, we can be present at the hybrid streaming in a “small cast” (2G Plus). If necessary, we can provide the technical framework (beamer, screen, sound equipment) and give an introduction and demonstration of the puppets with actors and puppeteers. Afterwards, we will watch a professional recording of the play together. At the end, we will take time to talk with the students about the production and themes.

Bookings and Informationen
+49.30.23406638 or info@flyingfoxtheater.de